TEAM SUCKO 1996-97

Just when you though life couldn't get any better
we bring you Sucko in Action.
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Standing room only on Sucko's bench. Sam "Saku" Saibil waits for pass. Marcus takes the faceoff.

Sucko playing a man short. The power line scores again. Pugi boy a.k.a. Marcus shows all how to take a slop shot without falling.

The defence flinches from #15's shot. When Pugi is not scoring he becomes Sucko's bench doorman. Justin feels an itch.

Line shift gone BAD. Free tickets given out to increase attendance has tripled Sucko's cherring section. Marcus battles for puck with oppenent's ringer

Colin and his new outer wear. Can Marcus stop hogging the faceoffs? Saibil bros undress.

Sean "Boom boom" Doyle eyes case of beer. Matt comforts little matt as Pugi boy cheers on. Colin and Erik enjoy the game beer.

The bigger the grin, the more you get. Dave, Nathan, Sean and what is Justin looking at? Sukco heads off in search of more beer.

Our fearless leader puts on his terrifying game face. One of many of Sukco's hopeful breakaways. The pressure is on to score.

Shooting from the circle. Mad scramble in the crease. Colin wait for the feed out front.

Sukco cruises to victory with one man short in the dying seconds.